Whether you need a loan for your business, home renovation, bills or to pay off debts, a guarantor loan may be the perfect solution to your troubles. In this day and age, getting a loan from major providers is harder than ever. Fortunately, there are guarantor loans to turn to when you've been denied a number of times.

With guarantor loans, your credit history is not checked or included in the process. If you have bad credit or little to no credit history at all, there's no nothing to worry about. There's also no need to struggle getting approved from one of the mainstream loan providers because the loan is easy to avail from direct lenders like Oxhalt Loans.

What We Do

At Oxhalt Loans, your financial concerns are our concerns. We provide easy and quick solutions for people who find it difficult to apply for mainstream credit. When approving loans, we take into consideration individual situations and case-to-case circumstances.

Bad credit history will not prevent us from helping you out. All you need to do is provide us a guarantor (who is a homeowner but not someone financially linked to you) who will guarantee your promise to make repayments.

What We Offer

Avail of our transparent guarantor loans free of charge quickly and efficiently. You can borrow from 500 to 5000 with a guarantor without the hassles. Terms vary from 12 months to 60 months, and you have control to choose which term suits your situation best.

To make it even easier for you, we have a team of staff to assist and advice you if needed. We don't charge for set-up fees and we don't check credit scoring. As a direct lender free of any dependent attachment with other lenders, we guarantee fast processing and fast payout.

Who is it for?

Guarantor loans are ideal for people with poor credit rating and bad credit history. Those who have been rejected by major lenders can turn to this type of loan to meet one's financial needs.

Not only are guarantor loans easy to avail but it also offers those who are eligible to apply for higher amounts than other types of loans. Interest rates are lower than that of payday loans hence giving you an easier way to find a good financial footing again.

Who Can Act as Guarantor

With guarantor loans, one of the most important requirements to get approved is to have someone act as a guarantor. It can be almost anyone from a family member to friend or colleague but not your spouse. Said guarantor should have a good credit history, a home ownership in UK and also age 21 or above.

Offering More than Credit

In addition to providing guarantor loans, Oxhalt Loans also helps rebuild your credit rating. If you need us to be, we can help improve your credit score given that repayments are on time and consistent. We can send reports on your performance to appropriate credit agencies if necessary helping improve your credit score in the process.

We also have a team of advisors and experts who are more than willing to help you cinch fairer and better deals. You don't have to be stuck with high month interest rates with debt consolidation. What we can do is provide you with fair loans to settle high interest debts allowing you to get back on track faster.

Apply Now

To avail of our guarantor loans, the application process is as straightforward as it can be. Simply fill out the online form to get started right away. Once we have your information, we will peruse the application based on your individual circumstance and from there provide solution to your problems. Click here to apply now.