Oxhalt Loans is an independent UK guarantor loan lender providing hassle-free and fast loan processing for borrowers with bad credit history. As long as you have a qualified guarantor to back you up, we can make payouts in hours up to 24 hours.

We offer loan amounts from 500 to 5000 at terms from 12 months to 60 months. In addition, we assist customers obtain fairer deals through the help of our friendly call centre staff. Inquiries can be made and advice provide without any fees involved. We also never charge for set-up fee and our options include no hidden charges.

As an independent lender focused on providing an alternative solution for customers with bad credit history, we are able to work with numerous customers and process applications quickly. Our considerations are always based on a case to case basis. And as long as you have a guarantor, we can always guarantee fast approval and payout.

We also go the extra mile helping customer rebuild credit history. If you need us to send a report of your good payment performance to credit agencies to improve credit rating, let us know and we will be more than glad to do it for you.